Piano Artist, Jack Franklin Wise

Relaxing Piano

The heartfelt creations by piano artist Jack Franklin Wise paints "portraits" in the minds of listeners.  Please visit his Music page to see a list of songs from his four albums: "Portraits in Piano ", "Hymns Project ", "Portraits of December ", and "Adagio Piano", streaming on PandoraSpotify & YouTubeand can be downloaded at Apple Music  and Amazon.

Dance Again
Featuring Paul Vann
By Jack Franklin Wise and Lovie D'sa 

"Dance Again" by Jack Franklin Wise and Lovie D'sa is a gorgeous, tender song that glides and sways its way into the listener's heart".
-Review by Zachary Larson

"Floating gently side to side, 'Dance Again' moves with a delicate rhythm and tender attitude. The exquisite orchestration and pacing will hold fans of Adult Contemporary and art songs completely captivated.  Lyrically, the tune takes listeners on a journey of romance.  From the first glances to the eternal vow of companionship, the life of a couple in love is forever decorated with dance.  When the pain of old age is at its worse, dance brings back fond memories and eases away the strife.  Heartfelt and poetic, the lyrics will have even the most hardened listener fighting back tears.  They are sung with a beautiful, sweet tone that perfectly embodies the tune's message and personality."

Contact:  jack@portraitsinpiano.com