Piano Artist, Jack Franklin Wise

Relaxing Piano

The heartfelt creations by piano artist Jack Franklin Wise paints "portraits" in the minds of listeners.  Click on Music page to listen to songs from all four albums, "Portraits in Piano", "Hymns Project", and "Portraits of December", and his most recent album, "Adagio Piano".  Jack's music is streaming on PandoraSpotify & YouTube,  and can be  downloaded at Apple Music  and Amazon.

Dance Again

I want to share a new music video that tells the story of true love and devotion.  This was inspired when I read a writing from a friend whose life-long partner was diagnosed with a degenerative disease.   I was touched in such a profound way that when I sat down at the piano and began to play, the music flowed freely.  The song is written with my co-writer, Lovie D'sa .  Our sincere hope is that you are also touched by the tenderness of the heartwarming words and music.                                                                                                                   -Jack  Franklin Wise

Contact:  jack@portraitsinpiano.com