Portraits in Piano - Imaginative and Creative

Piano artist, Jack Franklin Wise creates original compositions and arrangements that "paints a musical portrait" in the minds of listeners.  This was the inspiration to produce "Portraits in Piano", his first CD album of original songs.   His second release, "Hymns Project"  is a tribute to some of the world's most beautiful sacred songs.   And his Christmas album "Portraits of December" was released in 2016.  Among the familiar carols and classic Christmas songs on the album, two of Jack's own holiday songs are included:  a rhapsody titled  "Advent of The Christ",  and  "The Little Child in Me" featuring vocal artist Rachel Williams.
Jack served as pianist for the Belmont Nazarene Church in Pueblo, Colorado.   During that time he composed music and lyrics for “The Luckiest Donkey”,   a children’s Christmas musical.  The musical was performed two consecutive years at the Sangre De Cristo Arts Center through the sponsorship of a Pueblo Christian organization.   He also participated with worship teams at young adult retreats for the First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs.
"Adagio Piano” is the 4th album and latest release from Jack Franklin Wise.  A collection of soothing solo piano with 12 original compositions performed slowly (adagio) and softly (‘P’, or piano) for easy listening and relaxation.

Music from all four albums can be listened to on Pandora and Spotify.

Contact:  jack@portraitsinpiano.com