March 9, 2024

Many people ask about the red shirt I was wearing for the Seniors Got Talent rehearsal.  You see, I am actually Jack Franklin Wise, Jr.    This is a linen bowling shirt worn by my father over 60 years ago.  I wore this shirt to honor my dad, Jack Franklin Wise, Sr., who was quite the bowler back in the day along with his brother, my Uncle Bill Wise.

February 24, 2024

     Well, it just keeps getting better and better. . . I now have accepted the invitation to be an Ambassador for Morning Pointe Foundation.  It is truly an honor to represent this wonderful organization.  Here's a new promotional video of my wonderful night.           

     I want to extend my thanks to the four judges.  They all were so kind when we visited afterwards on the historic Franklin Theater stage.   Rich Eckhardt is a well-known guitarist in Nashville who has performed with numerous artists over the years, including Steven Tyler, Shania Twain, and Toby Keith.  I had a nice conversation with Alex Tinker IV who is very engaging. He is a songwriter who is currently MC for open mike night for "Fox & Locke" every week .  Jim Hagaman is the Mayor of Spring Hill, TN, and an accomplished pianist.  Mackenzie Wasner is an up and coming artist whose father plays piano for Vince Gill.  

February 1, 2024 

Hello friends, today is my first ever attempt at blogging.  I always thought starting a blog would take up too much time that could be better served for practice, song writing, recording new songs, setting up gigs, etc.  But I have decided that posting at least once a month is doable, so here we go. . .  
    What better way to begin but to share a wonderful  success with winning the Morning Pointe Foundation's Seniors Got Talent competition last October.  Then today I was notified that I was voted Best of the Best for all four of the Morning Pointe competitions in  Lexington, KY, and Franklin, Knoxville, and Chattanooga in TN. 
      This is a video of my performance playing, "Live Life More", an original song from my first album, "Portraits in Piano".  Creating music and songwriting is a privilage and blessing from God.  My hope is that you are blessed also.